April 27, 2017

The launch of our express menu is coming soon! Please stay tuned for updates!

Heading to the Oilers game? Sick of fast food? Want something different before you cheer for the Blue & Orange? Come in for supper! We are open Monday- Thursday: 11AM – 8PM, Friday: 11AM – 9PM, Saturday: 12PM – 9PM & Sunday: Closed.

Go Oiler Go! #orangecrush

Xin Chao (Hello)

My birth country is steeped in a rich history. Despite its political conflicts as well as it’s cultural shifts, there has always been one thing that remained true. The food.

Authentic Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine balances simple and fresh ingredients with delectable spices and herbs. The distinctive flavour of vietnamese cuisine creates an experience like no other. As my brothers and sisters began immigrating across the world, they shared their vietnamese recipes and welcomed people to try their dishes.

Spirit of Vietnam

The Chim Lac or Viet Bird is a fabled bird wrapped in historical mystery. The Chim Lac was first seen on ancient bronze drums across Vietnam dating back to over 2700 years ago. The people of Vietnam say that this bird represents the Vietnamese Spirit as well as the guardian angel of Vietnam who would fly blessing the crops of farmers.

Our Story

The Chim Lac represents the people of Vietnam; migrating across the world sharing their recipes and their love of cooking. My team and I are one of those fabled birds with the desire to share our stories through the food we present to you.

We welcome you to pho langs.

Lang Pham

Come experience our food.

We are open all week.

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